Who we are?

DenzoSOFT Mobile produces games and applications for mobile device using the Java Microedition platform.

We believe that we need our data anywhere and anytime.

We offer our competency for implementation of mobile application desktop.


Our vision is to move your computer desktop applications to mobile phone.

To do so we have made a scouting on wireless tecnology from Wap, to Web, to rich thin client.
If you need to have real 24x7 access to your data you can contact us for a demo implementation.


A GameMIDlet is a basic runnable class for this game engine.
Writing a subclass of GameEngine ensure the presence of some Commands, and the use of a MenuCanvas for presenting game description.
This MIDlet starts game engine in a new thread, so your cellphone will be always responsive. Can show a MenuCanvas and call the abstract method startGame when you choose to run game from its menu.
To write a new game you need to prepare an implementation of this class

Collision Detection

This package provides classes to manage collision detection.
Two different type of collision detection are now supported: rectangular and circular. In the future other could be available, if you use only CollisionManager.verifyCollision() to test collision detection your game will be compatible also with new CollisionAreas.

Game Engine Architecture

The engine architecture is quite simple: you have an engine class that manages timer tick (temporised call), manages Sprites (interactive objects) and a GameCanvas to print the current scene.
A default game MIDlet is proposed, it supports a default game menu.
From previous version (0.5b) to current version (0.8b) a great refactoring has to be made to keep code clean and readable.
So it is possible that you have to fix all imports in your source.
Only minor update are present in code, so no rewriting should be needed.


This class renders a GraphicObject that is composed by a series of Tiles on different positions.
If you look the image on the left you can note that this object is realized with 5 image and not 9 (to reduce drawing time).
A MultiTiledGraphic is defined by frame, x, y of any of its tiles.
Position is relative to x, y of sprite.

MapGraphicObject Class

This object renders a rectangle area covered uniformly by tiles.
It is a basic implementation for a background map.
You have to define the bi-dimensional matrix of tiles and this object will render them.
This could be used also for large sprites that are rendered with more tiles.
See examples in Xevious-Ice.