GameEngine Class

This class is the basic class for your engine.
It works with a GameCanvas for print graphics and Sprites as interactive and moving elements for collision detection and game items.
To design a new game you need to write an extension of GameEngine class giving implementation for its abstract methods.

The most important methods is gameTick() that is called directly from engine every intervalLoop milliseconds.
There you have to write you game evolving logic.
Engine has an associated GameCanvas that is repaint every gameTick automatically.
You have method to start, stop, pause, restart engine and to define some basic behavior as points, lives, etc…
Game engine also manage keyButton that are read by getKeyStates.
A MIDlet game uses a MenuCanvas to start the game and a game engine as running stategame.
So you can write a game defining only an implementation of a GameMIDlet and an implementation of a GameEngine.